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Mysore Trip

January 4, 2007

Our company organized a trip to Mysore during the X-Mas weekend. 2 Buses were arranged. The bus from the office was scheduled at 7.30 AM and it didn’t start till 8.30 and we were waiting for few more people to join us. Somebody came to me and asked for my helmet. I asked why? He said few guys are planning to go in bike and they need one more helmet for the pillion rider. My helmet came for the trip with a rider, me 🙂

The Bangalore-Mysore road is a four-lane highway. Driving is a pleasure. But reaching the road from the office took almost an hour. At Mysore we stayed in Lalith Mahal. With all kind of liquor (they didn’t have 7up/sprite for mixing thou), orchestra and dance, dinner was quite good. As with every party there were people who boozed too much and were the center of entertainment for the rest of us.

The next day people went for trekking in Chamundi hills. I was feeling sleepy and so didn’t join them. By noon we drove back. We had a stop at Ranganthittu and went for boating as well. Nothing much to describe about the trip. Photos are here:


Amit is planning for a trip to Kanyakumari during Jan 26th. There are less chances for me to join the trip, as I’ve to go home that weekend. If its on some time March, I’d have definitely joined him. hmmm. Now I miss bachelor life 😦


Diwali trip photos …

November 14, 2006

Finally I developed the roll. Here are the photos of the beast.

From Diwali Trip
From Diwali Trip

Diwali Trip

October 24, 2006

For the long weekend on Diwal, I had a bus ticket to Coimbatore on Friday night, but since Friday is a holiday, I was thinking of driving to Coimbatore. The previous Saturday when Raja and Ashok were also interested in joining, it was decided that we’ll drive. On Tuesday, I was talking with my house owner and told him that I’m going home for Diwali in bike. He said, “ethuku sinna vandila, peria vandi thaan iruku illa, eduthutu poo” (Why small vehicle? Take my big vehicle and go). They had two Maruthi zens and one is very rarely used. I admitted that I can’t drive cars. He smiled and pointed to the “big vehicle”. Its a Thunderbird. Hmmm. When I bought my pulsar, one of my friends commented: “When you ride a bike, it should look like a prince on a horse. But with this bike you look like a mosquito on a buffallo”. Thunderbird is twice powerful than my pulsar and its definitely a bulky beast. How will I look like? Mosquito on an elephant? Never mind, I thought of trying. Thursday I took it to office. It was like a test drive. I drove in the Koramangala traffic and in the inner ring road as well. I felt comfortable and thought I can handle it. So I decided to take the “big vehicle”.

Friday morning, I left at 6.30 AM. Raja and Ashok joined me at Madiwala and we started. After Hosur, I lost them from my sight. I waited in the road side and then went back a km also. Cudn’t find them. With no cell signal, I cudn’t catch them. There is no point in looking for them and I proceeded alone.

I took the Thoppur, Bhavani, Tiruppur route. The four lane NH – 7; Thoppur forest; Mettur Dam; Tiruppur-Pollachi road, everything was perfect and the ride was enjoyable. Except for one small accident. I was having breakfast after Krishnagiri in a Punjabi Dhaba(Is it true that there are more Punjabi Dhabas in Tamil Nadu than in Punjab?) When I came out to the parking space, I saw the headlight was smashed and the mudguard was scratched. Someone in a car, which was parked near-by, told me that some lorry crashed into my bike when it was taking reverse. The driver of the lorry came down; saw the damage; went back to his seat; and went away from the scene. I was helpless. I’ve to repair it now :-/ Monday morning I started and took the Coimbatore-Salem route. Except for the 15 mins heavy rain after Salem, the ride was perfect. The total distance was around 800 kms. I’ve taken few pictures. The film roll is complete, I’ll post them here.

Don’t ask me what was the response at my home for driving. I better not write anything about it 😉
My pulsar will be good till 100km/hr speed. Beyond that speed, you will slowly feel that you are loosing control. But Thunderbird is different. Most of the time I was driving at 80 km/hr and many times at 120 km/hr. The bike was solid. No wobbling at all. After a while, you won’t even hear any sound from the engine. Its surprising quite at higher speeds.

Thunderbird is a nice bike. Initially I thought it might not be comfortable to drive in city traffic, but I was wrong. It is equally good for regular commuting. May be I’ll sell this Pulsar and buy a Thunderbird. But first I should put on some weight. At least I should look like a bird on an elephant 🙂


June 12, 2006

I tried to create a Collage of few Train pictures taken during Sivasamuthram trip. Thanks to Picasa, it was a matter of seconds. If you were wondering what were we doing at a railway station when the trip was on a car and bike, you got to read my earlier post: A conversation between Mr & Mrs God

Train journeys …

June 8, 2006

Train journeys during day are interesting. If you get a ticket for an overnight journey, there is no much happenings. You get into the train; wait till the TTR comes; get scribbled in the ticket; switch off the lights and go to sleep. Next morning your journey ends. Day time journey is something different. You see people.

Last weekend I went home and the return tickets were full. So decided to travel in Intercity Express. I didn’t reserve tickets because usually Coimbaore-Bangalore Intercity is not as crowded as the Coimbatore-Chennai one. My coach was not full. I was in the end of the coach and there were a big North Indian family in the middle of the coach. There were talking little loudly, otherwise it was quite. I had a book to read. After an hour or so, I turned my head around. The guy opposite to me had a diary and was writing something. He was writing for the past half an hour. I couldn’t remember the last time when I wrote something more than 2 lines. I think it should be my last exam in the fifth semester. After that, I use my pen only to sign. If not, I would write a few lines during a tele-con or a meeting. When I type a blog or a email, I have the delete key. I can type a sentence, think over it and rephrase it. After completing the paragraph, I can rearrange the sentences. But writing something in a diary is not the same. I wish I could type my blog/email like that. Keep typing and click the Submit/Send without a proof-reading/error correction. It would save me a lot of time.

I was indulged in this thought and I didn’t noticed that hindi song. When I listened for few seconds, I thought that the North Indian family might have brought a portable stereo. When the song was over, there was a big sound of clapping and cheering. I turned back and what I saw was not a Philips stereo, but a train singer with a Harmonium. Unlike the other singers, he was neatly dressed. He neither had an unshaved face nor a kid with please-pity-me look. His voice was good and they way he sang made the family to ask for 2 more songs. At the end, his collection would have been around Rs 50/-. Then he moved away from them and walked towards the end of the coach where I was sitting. Now he was singing, “வேப்பமரம், புளியமரம்” song from the movie சாமி. I’ve heard that song before, and never paid attention to it. I’d simply forward it to the next song, which would be “திருநெல்வேலி அல்வாடா” or “இது தானா”. This time, I didn’t have a choice clicking the forward button and even if I had, I wouldn’t have done it. He sang the song so enthusiastically and it was nice to listen. By the time he came near me, the song was over. As the doors between unreserved coaches are not open, he has to wait till the next station to move to the next coach. He sat near me and I started talking to him.

His story was little astonishing. He has a passion in music and wanted to become a singer. His parents, just like everyone else, wanted him to study well and get a job and bring back a pay cheque every month. But his dream of becoming a singer didn’t allow him to do that. After completing his B.Com, he left his home and came to Chennai. Just talent cudn’t help him in fulfilling dream. Not every singer, who comes to chennai becomes SPB or Hariharan. So to make a living, he started singing in a Music Troop and still looking for a chance. Not all 30 days of a month he would get income from that. So he became a train singer. (I can’t call him as a begger. He is not begger. He sings and if you are entertained, pay him)

I asked him one simple question. “If you had listened to your parents, you would have been better than what you are now. Don’t you regret for it?” His reply was simple: “What do you mean better? Being rich; married to a beautiful gal and having nice kids? I can’t settle down for some 10-5 office job. Thats not me. I’m happy with what I’m now – just being myself. Even thought I’m not making big money or being popular, singing is still my profession; and more importantly I’m still chasing my dreams. I might become a singer or I might not. But I’ll try till the end.”

I don’t know what to say. I’ve met many people, who would join a course/join a college/go for work/marry people just because their parents wanted to. They throw away their dreams for their parents and this man threw away his parents and chasing his dreams. Which one is better? I don’t have an answer. He left at the next station, but his words of “chasing dreams” still in my mind.