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Top 5 reasons why Safari on Windows is a failure

June 18, 2007

Disclaimer: Even on my MacBook I use Firefox rather than Safari because of the wonderful plugins that I need.

I’m using Safari on Windows since the day its announced (and switched back to Firefox today). There are some nice things about Safari (like Find) but I don’t like the product as a whole. Here are top 5 reasons why Safari is not going to succeed:

5) Safari installs unwanted apps: The installer of Safari tries to install other unwanted software. (No. I definitely don’t want Bonjour)

4) Safari doesn’t import your settings from IE/Firefox: When I install Firefox, I remember Firefox giving me options to import my settings from IE. So that I don’t have to loose any bookmarks. Safari doesn’t do that. So I’ve to recreate all the bookmarks

3) Safari is NOT a fast browser: I don’t know about the benchmark results. But the applications I use like Gmail, Google Reader takes more time to load than Firefox/IE. Googling around I found the real reason. More over, its neither a sleek browser. Even for the modest number of websites, the memory usage shoots up.

2) Safari is not a native Windows application: At least it doesn’t looks/behaves like one. For example, its Edit > Preferences not Tools > Options, you can resize only from bottom right corner, …

1) Safari’s font rendering is pathetic: Perhaps besides the other reasons like Security/websites compatibility, if there is a single big reason a user is going to dump Safari on Windows, it could the font rendering. There are reasons why Apple selected this rendering. Honestly I don’t give a shit about that. To me it should be easily readable in my screen and its not so.

I was wondering why the hell did Apple enters a game which it can’t win? The reason is simple. Steve decided to close iPhone to third party applications and the only way to write apps is Web 2.0 and Safari is the only browser in iPhone. No Firefox/IE/Opera. So why should a developer write web apps for a browser that has a single digit market share? The only way to increase the market share is to let Safari go out of Mac and explore the windows arena. Is it going to work? Who knows? It might!!! Look at what people said when iPod was released.


Better Gmail – a Wow Firefox Extension

April 30, 2007

If you are using Gmail & Firefox, then Better Gmail is a must have Firefox extension. It gives you skins for Gmail, puts your Google Reader feeds, saves your searches, etc. Try it.

Microsoft Firefox!!!

January 24, 2007


Microsoft is releasing a professional version of Firefox. Its awesome. Try downloading and see it yourself.

Top 10 Firefox extensions I use

October 30, 2006

With Firefox 2 and IE 7 released, the war is heating up. Now that both are equipped with tabbed browsing, phishing tools etc, its hard to say which one is better. But one area where Firefox is a clear winner is the unlimited extensions it has. The following are my top rated extensions:

(10) Splash! – What good is a software that doesn’t show a “Loading” page? From Windows to Eclipse, almost every software I use has one (Even Gmail has!). Firefox didn’t have a splash screen. This plugin fills the void.

(9) Tabbrowser Preferences – It gives you more control over tabs. eg. you can create new tab when using the search bar

(8) Foxy Tunes – The ability to control your favourite media player, without leaving Firefox.

(7) Performancing – There are many desktop tools for writing blogs, but not many extensions. This is one of the best Firefox extensions for blog writers.

(6) Cooliris – When you find a link, keep your mouse over it. This extension will give you a preview of what is available in that link. This is really helpful when are you are using some search engine and want to preview the links before loading the page in the window.

(5) Download Status Bar – If you are downloading something and want to know the status of it, don’t have to switch to and look at the Download dialog box every now and then. The status of each download is available in the status bar. When there are no downloads to show, this bar automagically vanishes 🙂
(4) DownThemAll – When you want to download multiple items in your page, this extension helps you. It comes handy when you have too many images in a page and you want to download all/few of them.

(3) Adblock Plus – Firefox does prevents the nasty popups. But what about the in-page ads? Use Adblock Plus. You can configure it to eliminate most of the ad s found in a page.

(2) TamilKey – Very useful when you are in net-cafe. You can’t expect them to install ekalappai. Simply install this pluging and start blogging in Tamil.

(1) Google Browser Sync – This one is really helpful for those who use more than one computer everyday like me. No matter which computer I use, I can add a bookmark when I come across a nice site. This plugin will sync it to all the computers that I use.

Yahoo favours Firefox !!!

June 1, 2006

Recently I was trying to register a domain and looking for various options. I was surprised by the fact that Yahoo gives out a 70% discount for Firefox users where as there is no discount for IE users. Look how the same URL looks different in these browsers