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Top 5 reasons why Safari on Windows is a failure

June 18, 2007

Disclaimer: Even on my MacBook I use Firefox rather than Safari because of the wonderful plugins that I need.

I’m using Safari on Windows since the day its announced (and switched back to Firefox today). There are some nice things about Safari (like Find) but I don’t like the product as a whole. Here are top 5 reasons why Safari is not going to succeed:

5) Safari installs unwanted apps: The installer of Safari tries to install other unwanted software. (No. I definitely don’t want Bonjour)

4) Safari doesn’t import your settings from IE/Firefox: When I install Firefox, I remember Firefox giving me options to import my settings from IE. So that I don’t have to loose any bookmarks. Safari doesn’t do that. So I’ve to recreate all the bookmarks

3) Safari is NOT a fast browser: I don’t know about the benchmark results. But the applications I use like Gmail, Google Reader takes more time to load than Firefox/IE. Googling around I found the real reason. More over, its neither a sleek browser. Even for the modest number of websites, the memory usage shoots up.

2) Safari is not a native Windows application: At least it doesn’t looks/behaves like one. For example, its Edit > Preferences not Tools > Options, you can resize only from bottom right corner, …

1) Safari’s font rendering is pathetic: Perhaps besides the other reasons like Security/websites compatibility, if there is a single big reason a user is going to dump Safari on Windows, it could the font rendering. There are reasons why Apple selected this rendering. Honestly I don’t give a shit about that. To me it should be easily readable in my screen and its not so.

I was wondering why the hell did Apple enters a game which it can’t win? The reason is simple. Steve decided to close iPhone to third party applications and the only way to write apps is Web 2.0 and Safari is the only browser in iPhone. No Firefox/IE/Opera. So why should a developer write web apps for a browser that has a single digit market share? The only way to increase the market share is to let Safari go out of Mac and explore the windows arena. Is it going to work? Who knows? It might!!! Look at what people said when iPod was released.


WWDC 2007

June 11, 2007

OK. Leopard Beta is out. Steve came up to the stage and showed the 10 great features out of 300.

  • Finder. Steve heard the FTFF cries. Now the Finder is WOW! Windows Explorer is a history now 🙂
  • Core Animation. The true power of Mac. As per the demo, it was unbelievable. Movies playing in the screen and doing a search on the tags of those movies – all live!!! We need apps to take this power and deliver it to the user.
  • Spaces, Dashboard, Time Machine – nothing much new to mention. Just as we seen earlier.
  • Safari. The performance figures are quite impressive. And they are releasing a Windows version to kill IE! No, I’m not going to switch to Safari even on my MacBook. Not until all the Firefox extensions that I use, work in Safari.
  • iPhone ships with full fledged Safari. So create web apps. No iPhone SDK. Steve, are you kidding?

Verdict: I’m not going to upgrade to Leopard. Let me wait till the next version with more compelling features. Ah, for that matter, not going to purchase an iPhone on Jun 29th.

Better Gmail – a Wow Firefox Extension

April 30, 2007

If you are using Gmail & Firefox, then Better Gmail is a must have Firefox extension. It gives you skins for Gmail, puts your Google Reader feeds, saves your searches, etc. Try it.

Googlipse is dead, long live Cypal Studio for GWT

April 25, 2007

The first time I heard about Google Web Toolkit, I was excited. I immediately downloaded it; wrote few samples and found that it was really a nice piece of software. But it lacked one thing – IDE integration. Although “GWT was intentionally designed to work well in any IDE”, there was no direct support for GWT in any IDE. I thought how about writing an Eclipse plugin for that? I’m not an Eclipse plugin developer. I was a pure C++ guy who has jumped into several layers of J2EE and .NET and settled as a mainline developer in a top SOA product. Eclipse plugin development is something I’ve to learn. I decided to give a try.

Result? Googlipse. That is my first plugin. With over 25,000 downloads and counting, it generated a good amount of interest. So I get bugs (yeah, sometimes I write embarrassing code) and people extend it. It was a wonderful experience in learning Eclipse and gave me a better understanding about the Open Source from the contributing perspective. Googlipse has shifted my career and now my day job is also plugin development. Besides all this, I’ve to kill Googlipse. Why? Because of the name!

I was over enthusiastic that I coined the name by joining two names: Google+Eclipse. The logo is also the same way, Google colored text in an Eclipse background. I thought who cares about the name. I was wrong.

Google’s legal department had “some trademark concerns about the name”. I was pointed to Google Branding Guidelines. So I decided to change the name and logo. Hmmmm. That means its virtually creating a new product (at least to the users who don’t worry about the code!) That is what I’ve done now. I’ve created a brand new product called “Cypal Studio for GWT“. It is hosted @ Google Code. Its essentially the same code base (with the same Apache 2.0 license) but with little changes and few bug fixes.

So what happens to Googlipse now? Its dead. Means there will be no more bug fixes, no more features. The existing downloads & code base will remain there @ SourceForge. The home page will be soon pointing to new product’s site (which is under development). Thus ends the story of my first Eclipse Plugin.

Bravo, SEC

March 9, 2007

The Securities and Exchange Commission of US has done a brave move, which is to be welcomed by every e-mail user. Confused? Read this. It takes lot of guts to take this decision. These kind of decisions will definitely reduce spam mails. What next? Ban the sites that sell the software at “unimaginable cost”? Ban the pharmacies which sells the viagara and “increase my length”? Ban the banks which “approved loans”?

For me above all, I’m willing to donate my

  • 3yr old PC loaded with Ubuntu
  • my Adidas T Shirt that I bought with 50% flat discount
  • my Project Manager

all to Google, if they can freeze the email ids of persons who forwarded me the great “Vijaya T. Rajender & Mumtaj in Veerasamy” photo.