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Casino Royale movie review

November 27, 2006

Somebody said that it was a James Bond movie. I could have done so many things for that money that I spent at Mayajaal for this stupid movie. Sigh 😦

Tonight I’m going to watch a real bond movie in Star Movies. The Golden Eye.


Grrrrrrr Gajini

October 4, 2005

Every good movie will have a “what if” one liner knot in the story.

Consider the following “What if”s:
What if one day, an alien spacecraft covers the sky of every human city? – Independence day
What if one day you wake up and find all your life is just a dream and reality is something different – The Matrix
What if a freedom fighter starts killing people who demand bribe? – Indian
What if a adopted kid wants to meet her real parents? – Kannathil Mutthamittaal

Then the knot would be developed into a nice screenplay. Here is where the characters will be defined and the whole flow of the movie would be decided. If the knot is the skeleton, this is the flesh of the movie

The final thing is the picturization. Here the length of the scenes, dialogs, camera angle, stunning stunts, technologies, etc will come into picture. This is the dress on the flesh. For a given screenplay, this gives a good out fit and its mainly determined by the budget. More the budget, richer the dress is.

Coming back Gajini, it had a wonderful knot like that – What if a person with short memory loss wants to take revenge on people who killed his wife? But looking at the screenplay, a lot of loopholes. What is the necessity of the Police Inspector’s role? Nayandhara’s character is not properly defined. How come the hero collects the phone number and other details of the villain? And more importantly, why is he tattooing it when he can simply write it down on a paper? Things like these make the screenplay very weak.

Picturization. Should say in many places it was really good. Esp the climax fight where hero fights with the twins. The technology is perfectly utilized(The worst thing is the twin is introduced in the movie only to use the technology! He has no other role than that) Whats not good about picturization is violence. It is too much. From the starting scenes, were blood dripping from the water tap, to the climax, where the villain kills a gal and removes her dresses. Esp the place where Asin gets killed.

The only thing I liked in the movie is Asin and Surya. The scenes where she comes are really entertaining. In fact I thought if the one liner of this movie had been: “What if a middle class gal claims to love a millionaire, and he really falls in love with her”, the movie will be real entertainer.

Final thought is that if Murugadass booked Vijay Gandh for this movie, it would have been a block buster as their previous combination – ‘Ramana’

To give a one liner about a movie, I can say that: An ugly shaped body on a strong skeleton wearing a good looking dress, which is torn in few places!


September 30, 2005

Yes, Finally Gajini is released! Heard that the opening is so grand and its already booked housefull for few days! The initial comments from the movie-goers are also good. I was so longing to go for the movie on the first day, but didn’t get tickets. Somehow one guy booked the whole balcony on sat morning show and it was exclusive for Verizon and CTS makkal. I got a chance to get the ticket, but then I had other important work to do at that time and so decided not to go. I gathered a group for Sunday, but alas no tickets – even in Mayajaal, its booked. May be I’ll plan during a weekday sometime next week. I’m not going to miss this film by any chance. Its not for the hype, not for the screenplay, its not for the songs, its not for Suriya and its not for Nayandara. Its all for the cutie Asin!


July 4, 2005

For a long time, I’ve not written a blog about a book or movie. Let me try to post more. This week was a Multiple Personality Disorder Movie week for me 🙂 Happen to watch ‘Anniyan’ in the weekend and ‘Hide and Seek’ during a weekday.

Anniyan is yet an another Sankar’s movie. Every scene and every frame is crafted in a grand manner with perfection. Add Vikram’s perfection to it. The movie is a real feast. Especially the songs. The first song ‘kumari …’ was not a very good one, but the location and picturization makes it a very good one. The best visual treat is the ‘randakka, randakka’ song. Every frame is colorful to the lowest detail. For example, for the line ‘tentu kottai interval muruke’, Kamal, Rajini and other actors faces are drawn on the big rocks in the background. It would have at least taken 2 days to paint them and it is shown in the movie for 2 seconds.

Forget the rich presentation. The story line is very new to Tamil cinema. In like the ‘connect the dots to get picture’ section in some kids magazine. All along the movie, Sankar leaves some dots. Finally in the climax, he gives us the hint to start the drawing and ends the movie. Puzzled, if we think back and connect all the dots, you will see the real picture – Ambi is not having multiple personality disorder. He just acts like that so that he punish the people and to marry the gal he loves. I had lengthy arguments with my teammates and have to prove this theory. Only Dinesh got it before I said. Others were surprised by the hidden story line.

If you have watched this movie, think about the possibility of Ambi not having disorder and still you didn’t get it, watch the movie again to get the dots.


January 19, 2004

Many a time, negative criticism will give a big boost to a movie’s publicity. This movie also enjoys such a publicity for the controversial (initial) name itself. This movie was supposed to created communal violence – as Krishnasamy said and opposed the name ‘Sandiar’. After strong opposition from him and good ‘aasi’ from our ‘amma’ this movie is named as Virumandi.

The initial Jallikattu scenes are picturized in a wonderful way. Kamal should be certainly praised for it. The story line is pretty neat, but the screenplay should have been shaped in a better way. At times, the story is not moving and I felt boring. In Anbe Sivam the message delivered was very clear. But this movie tries to defend against law for sentences against death. In the climax Kamal speaks a dialog ‘jail is meant to be a place where criminals can realize their mistake and change themselves. But in practical it is not so’ – and tries to back-up the message. mmmhum. Its not so strong. Virumandi is shown as an innocent man, who is sentenced to death, for the crimes he has not committed. But I wonder whether law permits sentence of death to a person, who is accused of creating communal violence and, kidnapping and raping a woman. May be some more background work should have been done.

Everybody fits into their characters well. Especially, the villian. Pasupathy has lived as that character. Another one to be mentioned is Nepolian. The heroine is , hey its Abirami ! Without any makeup and talking in the typical Tirunelveli tamil, she has don a good job as Annalaxmi. Rohini has a re-entry in this film. Rajesh appears in a scene. It seems that after the story line is discussed and the screenplay is created, Kamal realized that Naasar is not in the movie. ‘What is a movie without him?’ Kamal should have thought and added a character for him. Music is our Mottai. ‘Kombula poova soothi’ is a typical Raja song. I read that most of the shooting took place in sets in Chennai, due to Krishnasamy’s troubles. But I could not any difference between the sets and the real village. Good art direction.

Kamal should learn how to show violence in movies from Sankar. In the movie Indian, the Indian thatha kills many people; there is a mass suicide, but still the entire movie can be viewed with children. Even in Hollywood, they try to make a movie as an entertainer for all ages – take ‘The Mummy’ for instance. But this movie has an over-dose of unnecessary violence. Esp, in the climax, the villian-vatham is reaaaaly cruel. Next to Anbe Sivam, this movie would have become another classic one, but for the over-dose violence and for not-so-strong-message, this stands to be a very normal movie.