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House for rent

July 19, 2007

A nice 2 BHK house is available for rent. Independent house with two floors. House owner stays in Ground Floor and 2 portions in First Floor. House is in Vignan Nagar, New Thippasandra. It takes 10 mins to Marathahalli, 10 mins to Airport, 15 mins to Indira Nagar, 15 mins to K.R. Puram and 45 mins to ITPL in my bike during normal traffic. The house is situated in a 35 cents plot area, in which most of the space is for the garden. From the terrace you have a nice lake view (though half of the view is blocked by an apartment). I’m staying here for the past one and a half years and faced no water problems. A biggest plus would be a very very nice house owner (If not I wouldn’t write this post) Rent is resonable. Only drawback is the half km road that connects the house from the main road, which is very bad.

The house is available from 1st of August. If you are interested, you can send a mail to my gmail id (grprakash), I will put you in contact with my house owner.(Didn’t want to publish their house number in the net)


May Flowers…

May 15, 2007

Yes, its May and Bangalore is full of May Flowers. I got to see a tree in full blossom. Thanks to Raja’s Digicam, I can shoot it and upload it on the same day 🙂

From Flowers

Travelling in Hosur Road …

April 25, 2007

I’m already seeing ads for apartments & housing projects in Hosur targetted for the people working in Electronics City. Commuting between Bangalore and Electronics City is a painful task. So what do people do sitting inside the bus/car? They go creative. I’ve got an email forward today with some nice cartoons. Ensoy!

As a person who travels around 6 kms in a road without signals and reaches office in less than 15 minutes, what should I say? I’m feeling lucky 🙂

Bangalore Airshow …

February 15, 2007

I really wanted to attend this show, but cudn’t 😦

Raja attended this show this year also and has taken a lot of photos. He has uploaded a few.

The Judgement Day

February 5, 2007

Actually the final judgement was not as bad as the Kannadigas think. The interim award was 202 TMC. Now its some 20 TMC more thats it. 419 TMC is not the actual water to be released from Karnataka. It includes the rain fall captured in TN as well. Without realizing it, there were a lot of comments in rediff today. A few, I found to be, hmmmm, funny. Read thru them. The last one was really, really, really funny:

Karunanidi and DMK have the ambition of Independent Tamilnadu.The Tribunal Judgement has created doubts in the minds of kannadiga’s that justice can not be expected from hindiwallas who are very much afraid of karunanidi and DMK.Karunanidi with the help of italian Lady has driven the first nail in india’s coffin.

This verdict has sowed anti-india sentiment inside karnataka. thats true. Aug 15th is a black day for kannadigas till we get our cauvery other wise we will make out state a independant and sovereign country.

Lets make Kannada a international language. Lets make Karnataka a sacred country of its own. Lets start our independance struggle against bulshit indians. (After this verdict i dont want to be called as INDIAN anymore.I am ashamed to be a indian now.Proud to be kannadiga).

We kannadigas are the forefathers of indian culture. We dont need to give facts about dams. Just give about kannada.Thats enough. Kanada is the great language. HINDI should not be used in karnataka. Lets abolish hindi.

Telugus have provided the bulk of all IT professionals in India. Dont even think of kicking Telugus out of Bangalore, it will become a city with no industry and no water. We are the brains behind the IT industry. You provide the land and other resources. We can work well symbiotically but don’t think Hyderabad cannot take over the IT industry in India

This happens only in India and pakistan.
We need help from American and Bush.