EFI India 2007

I’ll be there at EFI India 2007. Its a 3-in-1 conference, so there will be three parallel sessions. There is no suggested tracks and the seats in every session is limited (and so is the parking space. Only for 80 cars and 150 bikes!). So if a session is full, then we have to attend the other. The sessions I plan to attend:

May 28:

Fundamentals of Eclipse Plug-in and RCP Development

May 29:

An Introduction to the embedded Rich Client Platform (eRCP)
Architecture of Java Persistence Implementations
Best Practices for Developing Interoperable Web Service Applications
SDLC for SOA – Where are the Models?
Polyglot Programming

May 30:

10 Ways to Improve Your Code
Simplifying Enterprise Applications with Spring 2.0
Web-Service Transactions with WS-Transaction
Building an Ajax Java Web Application Using the Dojo Toolkit
Web-Service Specifications – An Orientation Guide
SOA: The Future of Distributed Computing?

May 31:

IBM’s WAS Community Edition Initiative with Eclipse
Leveraging SOA and ESB for an Enterprise Architecture
Building an Ajax Java Web Application Using the Google Web Toolkit
Introduction to the Graphical Modeling Framework (GMF)
Web 2.0 in the Enterprise

In case you are planning to attend, drop me a line. We’ll meet.


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