Photosynth – a Wow product

Now that I own a Mac, I’ve to kick M$ and M$ products and praise Apple’s product. At least thats I’ve seen with every switcher. On the contrary, I’m now praising a M$ product – Photosynth. Its really cool and nice one. It analyzes a set of photos and presents you a 3D view of it. Its really wonderful idea and an amazing implementation as well. More over its not a desktop product like Picasa, rather its on the net. Check this out for yourself:


2 Responses to “Photosynth – a Wow product”

  1. Raja KS Says:

    Looks like a typical MS product. Asks me to install VC++ runtime, windows imaging component before trying out photosynth. Hummm..

  2. goldcoaster Says:

    yep, it looks great. So does the GroupShot program they have.

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