Bought a Mac

After a long thought, finally I’ve purchased a 2 GHz White MacBook. It did make a dent in my wallet, but I was sure that I won’t face any problem. I unpacked it in my office and started working with this. Installed Yahoo Messenger; added my Google Account to iChat, downloaded Eclipse, configured the office printer & wifi at home without any trouble…

When I thought working with Mac didn’t have much troubles as I initially thought. Until I tried to use Google’s Page Creator. The error message said:

Sorry, your web browser is not yet supported.

Our programming wizards tried their darndest to get Google Page Creator to work with as many browsers as possible. But alas, even the most expert practitioners of web sorcery must sleep now and again, lest their JavaScript magic run dry.

So, for now, you’ll need either to download a new version of Firefox or download a new version of Internet Explorer (Windows only), and then come right back.

Hey, you guys at PageCreator team, if you didn’t know it, there is a nice toolkit for Ajax called GWT which gives you compatibility with most of the browsers. How about trying it? Its nice and it comes from a company called hmmmmm Google.


One Response to “Bought a Mac”

  1. Jaganath Says:

    Congrats đŸ™‚

    Wish my wallet is as heavy as yours đŸ™‚

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