Life is little weird …

Few weeks back I’ve blogged What’s Next? and then the answer for that. I was a little disappointed. I mean, I was asked to join the team for making the GUI happen. There was a failure effort earlier and so I was not allowed to take any bold decision of changing something afraiding that it might not go. With much less resources, a cryptic code base of the existing GUI to understand and very difficult deadline, we did do a wonderful job of making it happen. When I asked ‘What next?’ I thought that I would get a better answer. After all, I didn’t demand a hike or a change in designation or to lead a team or to own a module. All I asked was ‘What’s next?’. And I was shown the door. Neither did I get a hike when I joined iView nor when I left iView and joined voicewing. Now where is the rewards for my efforts there? I was wondering and the answer came from a different place. Magesh, the guy from the onsite iView team.

Magesh & me always have skirmishes on what to do in the GUI. He would say struts and I would say no and go ahead without it; I would say no to JAX-RPC and he would go ahead and create the contracts with other team for that; and so on. Finally it all went to a point and then he either left the team/asked to leave the team – I don’t know which actually happened, but he was out of the scene. Then it was all my decision of what to do and what not. Almost everything was smooth after that. Few clients had a chance to work on the GUI, while it was in testing and their manager gave a very positive feedback about the performance, look and the usability of the product in a manager’s call. Post production, it is still running without much issues. As our Director said, ‘I didn’t hear anything about the GUI so far, means its sailing smoothly’. Now I joined a new team and then our man Magesh comes out of the blue and offers me a job in a startup company. Now isn’t it a little weird? I did a lot and the one’s who actually got benefited, showed me the door. On the other hand one who was literally kicked off the team by me, is opening up a better opportunity for me. With more than 150% of my current sal (grrrrrr. the hr people here already complain that I’m over paid) and a designation of Tech Manager with my 2.8 yrs experience, this looks like a very good one to me. Now I’m trying to find out a reason why I should stay back. Not sure of what I’m going to do. As usual, let me see …


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