Blur effect with zoom


I consider this as one of my best shots I’ve ever shot. Taken last month when I went to Bangalore with my K2. After a getogether, me and Guru were going back to the house. I saw these lights before a hotel on the way and thought of taking a picture of it. Those serial lights were wound around a tree and doesn’t make an interesting object to shoot. So I thought of creating a motion effect. Kept the shutter speed in 3 seconds. Holded the camera tightly and clicked. The flash went off and Guru & the lights got captured. Now, immediately after clicking, I slightly zoomed for 3 seconds. The path of the lights create rays, while Guru’s image is not affected, as he is standing in the dark and no more flash/any other light on it. I didn’t expect this to come well, but surprisingly it was better than what I thought.


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