I read people

Forget the techie blogs and the regular life blogs. Here are a list of blogs that I read which are different and stands away from the crowd:

http://sifybroadband.blogspot.com – This says all bad things about Sify broadband. Although I experienced problems on the very next day of installation, I really don’t think its that bad

http://drive.blogs.com/driveblog – All about cars and bikes in India

http://www.gizmodo.com – The gadgets blog. All about crazy things which you don’t see in your normal life.

http://insertfunnyname.blogspot.com – A group blog by two people called Aarthi and Sriram. Interesting.

http://gmailgems.blogspot.com – Not updated for a long time 😦 Talks about gmail, gmail and gmail 🙂

http://riverbendblog.blogspot.com – A blog by a gal from Baghdad. I really suspect whether she (!) is really in Baghdad. Nevertheless, its damn good.

http://journeywoman.rediffblogs.com – This has not been updated for almost an year. Still its the best life blog I’ve read.


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