Hoardings on the road

For a long time, I’ve been looking at the hoardings on the road on. They have improved a lot now-a-days. Lot of creative work is put in them. Recently, I’m looking at the ones by Pondi Tourism all along the ECR. They express Pondi as a silent, slow and relaxing place where one can rejuvinate. The ones that I like very much:

  • A watch & one arrow pointing to hour needle saying Chennai & the other arrow pointing to the minute needle saying Pondi
  • WeekENDS at Pondichery (yes, here is where I suttified for the blog title)
  • http://www.pondichery.calm
  • PONDissssssHERY

The last two are displayed on the other side, so you see them when you come towards chennai

  • Traffic jam? take a U turn
  • You can always come back next weekend

Apart from the pondi ones, I simply luv the Kuber Jewellery one, which is kept in the Cathedral road – Mount road junction. There are three reasons for me to like it:

  1. Asin looks great in the 1st picture 🙂
  2. Asin looks great in the 2nd picture 🙂
  3. Asin looks great in the 3rd picture 🙂

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