August 23, 2007

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Cleaning Trash

August 23, 2007

I’ve never looked at the trash folder in my MacBook Pro. Today I opened it and found so many items. I said “Empty Trash”. It calculated the number of items and displayed this dialog box:


I should say the sound effect after the cleaning was nice 🙂

Shifting to Coimbatore

August 21, 2007

When I decided to moved to Coimbatore, I was looking for a job here and posted my profile in job sites. OMG, Eclipse plugin development is hot in India. Esp. for few of those who knew it well. I got so many calls from many consultants but the jobs are based in Bangalore. I clearly said “either get me a company which has a development center in Coimbatore or at least a company which will allow me to work from Coimbatore”. They are always confused of the second option. As Yadhvi said “It is better to knock on a closed door than to assume it will not open and walk past”. I was knocking and a door opened. Its Fiorano. I explained my situation, they understood it. Most of my friends still don’t digest the idea. The first question would be: “So you are a contractor now?” No dudes, I’m an employee but work from home.

I know working from home has its own disadvantages. Forget missing all the “Sweets at my desk” mails, I’m mising my basic rights to have coffee whenever I want. Its restricted to a maximum of 5 coffees a day. I was prepared for everything. I stayed back in Bangalore for 2 weeks to interact with the team personally; at home, separate room for office work; two DSL connections; inverter backup (yet to purchase); … But not everything goes as planned right. Disaster came on the day I left Bangalore and started work from here. My teammate resigned. So every week, I’ve got to fly to Bangalore on Mondays and fly back again on/before Wednesday. Staying in hotels; missing my daughter; waking up at 4 AM on Monday morning to catch a flight. Sigh. It ends this week. Hope I’ll be really working from home after this.

பெப்சி உமா ஆண்ட்டிக்கு ஒரு கேள்வி …

August 21, 2007

பெப்சி உமா : blogன்ற பேர்ல படிச்சவங்க அசிங்கமா விமர்சனம் பண்ணி எழுதறது வெட்கத்துக்குரியது
அப்பாவி ஆறுமுகம் : படிக்காதவங்க எழுதற blog எல்லாம் நீங்க பார்க்கறதே இல்லயா?


லிங்க் உபயம் – கில்லி

Google’s wit…

August 17, 2007

Hope you would have got a ton of forwards on the Google Maps suggesting you to “Swim across the Atlantic Ocean”. Here is another nice one. Seen on “Suggest a feature” page @ Gmail’s Help Center:


Yeah, you read it right. The next feature of Gmail is to do your laundry 🙂